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Choosing your agent: 4 things to watch out for?

Choosing your agent: 4 things to watch out for? Buying and selling homes is one of the most stressful and complicated things that a person can go through; which means that choosing the right real estate agent is essential. The right real estate agent can move your house more quickly and even more importantly, get you a better price. Here are some red flags and signs that you may need to ditch the current agent you have and find one cut from …

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Advice for buyers

Q: We are a young couple recently returned to NZ from overseas. We’d heard about how prices have increased but weren’t prepared for how little you get now for your money. And the competition at auction! Scary stuff for us first home buyers: Any suggestions? Mark & Rachel A: Getting a foothold on the property ladder is certainly not easy – particularly these days with property prices above the amount most people’s salaries can cover.Repor…

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