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Signing a Listing Agreement?

When you choose a real estate salesperson to sell your home, you will be required to sign a listing agreement - a contract in which you agree to allow the salesperson to sell your home during a given period and at a given commission rate. The agreement says that you will pay the Real Estate Professional a fee when you sell your home. Most real estate salespeople are independent contractors who work for a company operated by a licensed real es…

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Choosing an Agent

Q: I’m looking at selling next year and wondered if you have any advice on how to choose the best agent to sell my home? Steve H.A: What a great question – especially to ask a real estate agent! We cover this off pretty thoroughly in our book ‘SOLD, How to Sell Your Home for the Best Price’, so I’m sending you a copy. For everyone else reading this here is a bit of a summary.Before you choose your agent think about what is most importan…

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