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Are the Christmas Holidays a good time to buy or sell?

Are the Christmas Holidays a Good Time to Buy or Sell? Traditionally, sales activity in the housing market slows during the holiday period as people become distracted with Christmas shopping and planning their holiday vacation. However, this can be a good time to buy or sell, depending on the market you are in. Buying: One of the advantages of buying a home in December can be the eagerness of sellers to finalise a deal before the end of th…

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When to buy?

Q: I am looking for a new property and I’m not sure whether to buy now or to wait until after Christmas. What’s your advice? Barry V. A: Interesting question Barry. I’m assuming you’ve been reading how the Auckland market has slowed: Fewer people through open homes, not as many bidders at auctions, and more properties being passed in at auction. The ‘fizz’ certainly appears to have gone out of some sectors of the market and that could certai…

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