Our Process - Securing Your Property Sale in Auckland

Our Goal – Sell Your Property for the Best Price

Never has there been so much data readily available about what is happening in the property market. This makes it possible for potential purchasers to research and establish the likely maximum price they should pay when considering a property sale in Auckland.

The best way to convince potential purchasers to raise their limit is for them to realise that someone else is prepared to pay even

more for your property. 

Creating competition is vital to securing the best price. Our success is based on creating competitive situations to achieve the best result for our sellers.

How do you maximise the number of buyers for your property? By reaching them through a tailored, well-executed marketing campaign.

We go through the following steps to reach as many people as possible, get them to your open homes, and have them bid on put in an offer for your property.

1. Understand What Types of Buyers Would Be Interested in Your Property

Whether your potential buyers are actively looking to purchase a property right now or not, we’ll find them. Additionally, our extremely successful track record of selling houses means we have held a massive number of open homes and built an extensive database of buyers who may be interested in your property.

We also make sure your marketing budget is spent effectively by targeting the types of people who are interested in a property like yours.


2. Select the Right Marketing Channels to Reach Them

From offline marketing channels like the New Zealand Herald and the Property Press, to online sites like TradeMe, and social media channels such as Facebook, we select the right marketing channels to reach your buyers. We can also tap into Ray White’s International network and overseas property sites to attract international buyers.

3. Create and Execute a Tailored Marketing Campaign to Get Results

No property is the same, so our marketing campaign is tailored specifically for your property to maximise results. We are elite agents for Ray White Real Estate (among the top 3% of salespeople globally) because we get results for our customers and will do the same for you.



What We Do Differently

Not all real estate marketing campaigns are the same. We do these things differently to make sure you get the best result for your property sale in Auckland:

We’re Proactive: We don’t just wait for people to turn up at your open homes and auction. Instead, we proactively find the people who would be interested in your property.

Work with Other Agents to Find Buyers: Most agents won’t work with other agents from another company or brand. We do because we want to get the maximum number of buyers to your auction.

Follow up Everyone: We follow up everyone who expresses interest in your property or attends an open home to make sure they come to your auction.

Contact Our Extensive Database of Buyers: We’ve built an extensive database of people who are interested in buying a property in your area and will contact them to let them know that your property is on the market.

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Debbie Gilbert
I have worked with Lisa for a number of years in the purchase of properties and when our current house was ready for sale, Lisa and Steve were the only option for us.
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Mary and Rob Ansell
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