Stefan & Leslie

62 Scarborough Terrace, Parnell – sold for $4.2m

With their son having recently finished school, Stefan and Leslie felt it was the right time to sell their large family home of 15 years.

Also, a few years before, they’d bought an apartment off the plans and it was now ready – so the timing was perfect.

The next step was to find an agent they had confidence in to sell their property at the right price.

Aware that their home was unique and likely had only a small pool of potential buyers, they knew they needed someone who would put in the hard work necessary to achieve the result they wanted. 

They started poring through the property section of the New Zealand Herald and the Property Press and went “mystery shopping” at open homes in the Parnell area.

Stefan and Leslie first came across The Stones in the paper and got to see them in  action at their Parnell open homes. Impressed with their personal branding, they really liked The Stones’ marketing and how they were “pretty straight up and down.”

However, what really sealed the deal was their experience at one of The Stones Parnell Auctions. In a largely “one-horse race”, their auctioneer, Jeff Tubman, was still able to get a fantastic price for the property that was up for auction.

After receiving proposals from two other agents, they had a gut feeling that The Stones would best represent their house to the target market.

And they were right. 

They found The Stones were much more marketing savvy than your average real estate agent, and loved the regular communication and being kept up to date.

Overall, The Stones were great to work with, personable, process-driven and everything happened on cue.

The end result speaks for itself. Despite having a unique house, which was quite large but didn’t have many bedrooms, The Stones were able to reach this niche market of buyers and get them along the auction.

Their property sold for $4.2m under the hammer and Stefan and Leslie couldn’t be happier.



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