1a Peach Parade, Remuera – sold for $1.7m


Retired, Lois wasn't happy with the way her rental property was being managed, so she decided it was time to sell and remove the stress.

She’d owned the house since 1987, and needed to sell it as soon as possible after her tenants had moved out. 

However, this wasn’t the first time she’d tried to sell the house. A few years before Lois went through the process of finding a real estate agent and ended up with two options – The Stones and another agent.

It was a really tough decision, they both came across very well, but she chose the other agent because he’d sold her son’s property.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t impressed with his marketing of her property, he wasn’t easy to work with, and she didn’t feel he put in the necessary work to get a good price in what was a tough market.

So, when she came to trying to sell her house again, she knew she had to go with The Stones.

Firstly though, to make sure she was making the right decision, she also interviewed three other real estate agents.

Honesty and integrity were two things she was looking for. Lois knew the market wasn’t great and she wanted an agent she could trust and who would be realistic with their appraisal of her property. 

Two of the other agents were also very good (the third reckoned they could do the appraisal looking through her window!). However, The Stones really stood out because of their willingness to go the extra mile for their customers.

Time was tight to get the appraisal done. So, despite The Stones being at a funeral on the only day that worked for Lois, Lisa left partway through, picked her up and went to her house to do the appraisal. Afterwards, Lisa dropped Lois back before returning to the funeral.

This service blew Lois away and she had “tremendous faith in them” to sell her property for the best price.

She liked their great communication and how they didn't raise her expectations with the appraisal (they ended up being spot on). 

With The Stones, the process of taking her property to market and holding the auction was a breeze. She was impressed with how well Steve and Lisa knew the potential buyers before the auction, and working with them exceeded her expectations.

Overall, they were “absolutely amazing” and Lois was thrilled with $1.7m she got for her property.

“Lisa and Steve were meticulous in their attention to detail. I have sold a number of properties over the years but I have never before experienced such good communications during a sales campaign.

They took the time to keep me up to date with who had visited the property, how they perceived it, and whether they intended to proceed further. They certainly ensured that the whole process was as stress free as possible and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any future vendors who are looking for approachability, honesty, integrity and competency in the team they wish to entrust with marketing their property.”


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