Q: Hi guys, even though we didn’t really have a summer this year we are seriously considering putting in a pool for next summer.  We were a bit taken aback at the price so just want to know if it is going to add value when we eventually sell. Can you help? Thanks, Jan and Don W.

A: Firstly, adding a pool will not always add value.  On occasion we get buyers who see the pool as a detriment rather than attribute to a home.

In general though, a pool is likely to be an advantage at sale time, but it has to be done well so it doesn’t detract from the appeal of the home.

Pools are often considered statement pieces and should always add aesthetic value – in other words, they need to look good and fit with the general style and feel of the home. Pools should complement a property, rather than take attention away from it.

The best pools are almost an extension of the house, making them visible from living rooms and other areas within the home and bringing that all important ‘indoor-outdoor flow’ to your home. Glass fencing looks fantastic and doesn’t visually  interfere with the outdoor flow, but it can be  expensive so be sure to get a quotation for the  whole installation before ‘jumping in’(pun intended!)

Another factor to take into consideration is whether the project will over-capitalise your home. Remember, you can always ask a good real estate agent to come around to give you their opinion of value before and after – a second opinion can sometimes save you money and heartache.

When it comes to selling, remember that while it  can be aesthetically appealing and can enhance  the value of a home, a neglected pool can do the opposite, so make sure the pool is vacuumed, the  water crystal clear and clear of leaves and other  debris when it comes to going to market and  having your open homes.

For buyers looking to purchase a home with  a pool, make sure the real estate salesperson  shows you documentation to ensure the pool and fencing is fully compliant with council regulations.